An alternative for InvitBox

Heard great things about Invoice Processing software, but tried to sign up to an InvitBox account only to be greeted by a message informing you that they are no longer accepting new clients?

Invoice Ripper is a great alternative for InvitBox using the same Invoice Processing software, mapping the templates for you. The best news is, Invoice Ripper is free to trial for a full month, regardless of the number of invoices you process, so you do not need to commit to using the software before you have seen it in action!

Some other features the systems have in common are:

  • No upgrade or exit fees
  • Bills get sent straight to your Invoice Ripper account
  • Multi-user view of same data
  • Audit trail
  • Supplier Management
  • Immediate data extraction
  • Free mapping
  • Line-by-Line data extraction
  • Foreign Currency
  • Connects to Accountancy and POS
  • Duplicate bills identified
  • Pricing Checks
  • User authority levels

Just to name a few, and don’t forget, Invoice Ripper has the ability to create purchase orders as standard, as well as having many different Bolt On options to really customise the program to your needs.

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